Alkosign Dustless Chalk


Alkosign Dustless Colour Chalk are made of highly - refined calcium Sulphate which keep dust to minimum.It writes much longer and provides excellent writing and arasing on green board.


  • Dust Free Chalk : Dust is rarely blown in the air because the
    heavy particles of calcium Sulphate is fallen down.
  • Keep Hands Clean : Special formulation prevents dust form
    sticking to fingers.
  • Non-Toxic : Conforms to IS - 2694 - 1963 and ASTM D4236.


  • Material : Calcium Sulphate
  • Chalk Size : 09mm x 75mm
  • Package Content : 1 x 100pcs / 50 pcs COLOUR & WHITE

Art No .: ADCW100 (100pcs.White)
Art No .: ADCC100 (100pcs.Colour)
Art No .: ADCW50 (50pcs.White)
Art No .: ADCC50 (5pcs. Colour)