About Us

Alkosign is the biggest dedicated manufacturing unit with a production space of more than 30,000 sq. feet, for writing boards and display systems in India.
Since the inception of the company in 1992 our sales in the local as well as export market has increased many times over.
Our success has been due to strict quality control, good packaging and our marketing network.
We are an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and we always strive to give our buyers something new with the best world class quality. We are proud to introduce the latest patented products to keep you tuned with the International scenario in this millennium. We always endeavor to give you not only the products but also the best solution to meet your real demand.
In addition to our regular products in Gen-ex® series, we have introduced the Brainee® series of up down writing Boards and Sliding Boards and Glassy-Bo® series of magnetic and non-magnetic glass writing & projection boards.
As a concern for education, we have introduced sturdy and economical desks & benches in the Sit & Study® range. To cope up with the increasing orders we have increased our production space three folds.
We will still keep the same policy to innovate the best products, provide the best price, and offer the best service for timely execution.
We highly appreciate the long-term and steady support from all our clients, stockist, distributors, and foremost all our staff and workers, who have made this possible.

We are Registered with :

ISO 9001-2015 :- JQM138419 DATED 11-10-2019
GEM SELLER ID – A09D180000094771