Interactive Panel

Product Description

Widely used for teaching in Digital classrooms, Business conferences, Commercial exhibitions, Command and Control using Multilocation, etc. Alkosign IFPs provide a unique solution with many advantages and enable them widely in classroom teaching, business conferences, commercial exhibitions, command and control, etc. Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) have many advantages over traditional Interactive White Boards (IWBs), along with many features which help to explain and Save with content-sharing capabilities. Benefits include the elimination of shadows and glare; brightness levels that enable full lighting for easier note-taking and interaction. Advanced touch technology using Android and Windows supports multiple users to simultaneously write or draw on any displayed content with outstanding ease and accuracy. In Built WIFI provides Wireless content sharing from End-user computing device Computer, Laptops, Tablets and Phones, which enables meeting participants to quickly send presentations, websites, apps, or other content from their device screen, along with content sharing among participant devices.